GOD’s Plan Is Absolute (Bursting thoughts)

Human is immortal until GOD’s work is done in him.

Freedom is not a capability of doing everything without considerations, freedom in GOD means the chance given for human to do something without the bind from sin. Freedom means a state in which one is released from bind / captivity / slavery.

For example, if you want to have dinner; at that same time, you also have an unfinished work and you’re forced to do it before dinner. You are not free to have a dinner since you are bind by that work.

Freedom in GOD does not mean human can do anything including sinful acts, it is the state in which human is free from the bind of sin and therefore human can choose to let go of his sins.  The redemption of this sins in Jesus Christ also leads to the freedom for human to do not only good things according to human’s perspective but also doing right things according to HIS glorious plan.

Why do humans often pout/sulk/protest to GOD?

Because most of human’s desires/dreams/goals are not GOD’s glorious plan in him/her.

Why does human feel betrayed if GOD allows calamity in his life?

The answer to that silly question is another question, “Why doesn’t human complains when GOD allows prosperity and good things come into his life?”

Praying is not asking GOD for wishes, praying is how we ask GOD to make our life runs according to HIS glorious plan. “Human prays not because he owns GOD, but rather because he owes GOD.”


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