Both forgetting and ignoring are not the same with forgiving.

Forgiving is to accept the truth and all its conditions and how to learn to overcome such disappointment.

The true forgiveness is seen in the gracious love of GOD through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the LORD.


2 thoughts on “Forgiving

  1. squall

    yet we as human can only think in different way other than forgetting.
    to forgive is not to forget but to remember in a different way.

  2. Isak Muliana

    Kalau memaafkan itu melupakan, wah, Tuhan kita kan maha kuasa, maha tau, ketika Dia memaafkan dosa kita, bukan berarti Dia melupakan apa yang sudah kita perbuat, tetapi Dia tidak memperhitungkan kesalahan kita.

    Demikian juga dengan kita, ketika kita memaafkan sesorang yang bersalah kepada kita.
    Itu bukan berarti kita lupa dengan apa yang dia perbuat. ^_^


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