The Chief And Highest End of Man

“I learned, when I was a boy, that the chief and highest end of man was to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever; but I hear now, according to the new theology, that the chief end of God is to glorify man and enjoy him forever. Yet this is the turning of things upside down.” – C.H.Spurgeon

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If you can not comprehend this quote, let us go back to the basic question, from which this statement is born, “What is the ultimate purpose of me being a human born into this world?”

“Is there any meaning of me living as a human? Can I have any divine and lasting contribution on this universe when everything will wither and fade away in time?”

P.S.: The time here is limited whether to a hundred, a thousand, a million years, or a billion years. Limited time can never surpass the infinity of divine world.


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