Worked Like A Charm

His partner had his head down on the desk. “What’s wrong?” the lawyer asked solicitously.

“Oh-h-h,” groaned the other lawyer, “I was out late last night entertaining a guy who can throw a lot of business our way. I’ve got the absolutely worst of all hangovers.”

“I know how you feel. I’ve had some monsters myself.”

“How did you get rid of yours?”

The first lawyer grinned. “I grab my wife and make passionate love to her. In no time, my headache is gone. You ought to try it.”

“Ill try anything,” said the partner, reaching for his coat. “See you later.”

When he returned he was whistling a jaunty tune. “I see my remedy worked,” his colleague said.

“Like a charm,” replied the rejuvenated lawyer. “And, hey, that’s a really nice house you have.”

-Quoted by James Dent in Charleston, W. Va., Gazette.


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