Surprise Tour and A Lazy Young Man

The owner of a manufacturing plant decided to make a surprise tour of the shop. Walking through the warehouse, he noticed a young man lazily leaning against a packing crate. “Just how much are you being paid a week?” the boss angrily asked him.

“A hundred bucks,” answered the lounging guy.

The boss pulled out his wallet and peeled off five $20 bills. “Here’s a week’s pay,” he shouted. “Now get out and don’t come back!”

Wordlessly, the young man stuffed the money into his pocket and took off. The warehouse manager, standing nearby, stared in amazement. “Tell me,” the boss said, “how long has that guy worked for us?”

“He didn’t work here,” replied his employee. “He was just delivering a package.”

-P. Reidy in Boy’s Life

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