Are we wasting our life by trying to learn too much?

Answer by Stan Hayward:

Yes you are
What is more, you are wasting your time reading this post
and I am wasting time writing it

You are wasting time laying the table to eat. You could eat it just as well by using a bowl like your dog does

You are wasting time dressing up to go to work, and then changing your dress to go somewhere else

You are wasting time earning money to buy things you do not need
You are wasting time arguing with people who will take no notice of you
You are wasting time cataloguing your possesions when you will never use that catalogue
You are wasting time installing programs on your computer that you will rarely use
You are wasting time window shopping
You are wasting time watching TV that is not entertaining or informative
You are wasting time thinking about things you will never get around to doing

You wasted time learning a language you rarely speak, an instrument you rarely play, some party tricks you rarely practice, and cooking something you rarely eat
In general, your whole life is a waste of time

The reason you exist is because your parents concieved you when they had nothing better to do
And it is likely that you have, or will, do the same

You will waste much time looking after your children and buying them things they will break, ignore, or clutter up the place
You will waste much time running around clearing up after them

You will waste much time looking after your car which will stand empty for most of its life

And to top it all, you wasted time writing the question because even if someone give a perfect answer to the question, the answer has no beneficial application whatsoever

The good news is that
soon, just about everyone in the world will be unemployed because automation will replace us all
We will have nothing at all to do other than waste time all day

But instead of wasting it on the the above things that we currently do because we are socially pressured into doing them
we will waste time in creative ways

We will all live like the idle rich who do not lift a finger
We will live like artists who vaguely believe that their artistic insights will change the world
The world will be changed, but rather like you change you clothes, so it won't matter much

There, I've said it, and wasted exactly eleven and a half minutes of my life that has disappeared to wherever time goes when it is used up

I hope you are happy now

Are we wasting our life by trying to learn too much?


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