What can you teach me that can be useful in my life?

What can you teach me that can be useful in my life? by Bassam Atheeque

Answer by Bassam Atheeque:

The 15 Cardinal Rules of Life:

  1. Good Relationship > Being Single >>>>>> Shitty Relationship
  2. Never leave your parents. NO MATTER WHAT
  3. Personality is not set in stone. You are able to take control or change it the way you like.
  4. People say “Follow your heart”. Not in every situation guys. Instead “Listen to your heart. Act With Your Brain”
  5. Never get confused to select between love and friendship. Both has its part to play
  6. Try to replace SORRY with THANK YOU in certain situations. For example, instead of saying “Sorry for being late”, you can say “Thank you for waiting”. It sounds more diplomatic.
  7. Never get too emotionally attached to anyone except your parents
  8. People say “Follow your passion”, I agree but with a slight modification. I believe “Follow your passion only if it is worthwhile”. Don’t rub two wet stones to make a fire. Rethink #4
  9. Time heals almost everything. Give some time and experience the change
  10. Thoughts control your Feelings. Feelings control your Actions. Actions control your Results. POSITIVE THOUGHTS = POSITIVE RESULTS
  11. When in anger, isolate yourself. Give yourself some time. Finally think about the situation again with a calm mind
  12. SMOKING, DRINKING, GETTING HIGH ISN’T COOL. The sooner you realise it, the better your life would be.
  13. Stop complaining all the time. SHIT HAPPENS. That is life. Learn to have an optimistic approach
  14. Ponder over #4 and #8 again
  15. Don’t just read; start ANSWERING in Quora. But not primarily for upvotes or followers. Experiment with your vocab, come up with new ideas, share your experiences, build your skills! Things come to you when they have to!

What can you teach me that can be useful in my life?


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