Black Box Assignment

Over the weekend, our university science teacher gave us a “black box” assignment. We were to use the scientific method, that is, test our hypotheses through experimentation, to determine what was in a sealed, four-inch square box.

On Monday, we returned the boxes and submitted our papers. One student’s report consisted of a single sentence: “It’s an egg.”

“How’d you solve it?” I asked.

“Easy.” he said. “I used my own scientific method. I went to the airport and sent the box through the X-ray machine.”

Contributed by Monica Kelly


Lunch Line

As  students entered the lunch line, they were greeted by a sign over a bowl of apples that read: “Take only one apple. God is watching you.”

At the other end of the line there was a large pan of cookies with a hastily written sign reading: “Take as any cookies as you want. God is watching the apples.”

-Contributed by Gary P. Uber

Twisted Distraction

My husband and I are avid fans of women’s university basketball. When the opposing team is shooting free throws, it’s not uncommon for fans sitting behind the basket to wave wildly and yell, hoping the distraction will cause players to miss. However, at one game we witnessed a new twist. Amid the screaming fans, the university’s mascot, Smokey, was holding up a large picture. Upon closer inspection, we saw that it was a magazine centerfold of Brad Pitt.

-Glenda Sneads

The Stranger in Class

The 120 engineering students in my classroom were unusually quiet as I entered. Then I spotted a disheveled elderly man, half-lying, half-sitting, with a bottle wrapped in a brown bag sticking in out of the pocket of his long coat. I could feel the students’ eyes focused on me.

“Sir, this is a classroom,” I explained. “I’ll have to ask you to leave.” No reaction. “If  you don’t, I’ll have to call a security,” I continued. Still no movement. Then I had an idea.

“Sir, we’re having an exam this morning. If you stay, you’ll have to take it.” He left.

-Vladimir Hornof