Enlighten Me Now Please

People think with their head and feel with their heart*.

*”heart” means their feeling not their literal heart organ.

I think these two English popular idioms would be problematic then:

  • Speak Up Your Mind
  • Only Do What Your Heart Tells You

If you speak whatever lies in your mind, then it’s not guaranteed that you’ll use your heart, you’ll only try to be rational without considering feelings. Then it’s normal for other people to get offended, isn’t it?

On the other hand, doing what your heart tells you means you’re doing mostly without thinking. Isn’t this another problem? Other people will also be in serious trouble or disagreement with you.

What do you think?


New Year Reflection

What is a new year eve,  especially on the 1st of January? It is basically a change of date based on convention, the only special about it is the date number. The actual day is no more than ordinary.

People celebrate it for refreshing times, specifically a year, when they can remotivate themselves to do some more accomplishments.

What is wrong with the refreshment “time”? Nothing, but it would only be wise to remotivate yourself whenever necessary not just at the first day of the year, not at the end of the year. Start doing everything necessary at any time of the year. Too many people wait for either the first time of the year or the last time of the year, it would only make them less motivated and mostly discouraged.

What is wrong with the celebration? What is celebration if you haven’t done many things worth celebrating at the end of the year?

Happy new year for those celebrating the event. And have a great motivation for better accomplishments this year, don’t wait for specific time, do it right away!