My Anxiety And Wish

Feeling useless I am
Cannot help you I do
Missing you much here I lie down
Thinking about you the most while I ponder

Being a hindrance to you I am afraid
Honestly I hope only happiness for you
Praying for your success I can
Wishing to GOD, I pray for you only the best…
In HIS wondrous way, I want to see.



Missed My Dear Ones

Missed my dear ones I did

felt the great love, the deep appreciation

after they’re not around,

and didn’t feel it when they’re present.

However sad I am, grateful be be I realize,

I can appreciate more the separation for greater affection

GOD too is felt that way from our perspective…

Thy presence we perceive to be not there,

while we seemed to need Thee more.

Yet GOD is caring and helping us all the time.

Turning away our faces from Thee…

doesn’t change the omnipresence of GOD,

for GOD is always everywhere and

never have been Thy providence failing.

Ignorance is not Thy character,

for we are misled by emotional perception

to blame the great Provider.

Missed the good relation with GOD,

not because Thy is not present

but because we flee from Thee…

Let our spirit miss Thee and come back to Thee

with greater devotion and affection.

Poem of My Birthday in 2009

Looking back seeing all my past life,
evaluating my failures and successes,
I know no regret useful for now,
the wise step would be to learn things from the past.

Let me fix the present time,
for present is current,
in which I can act,
not to repeat the old failures,
but to seek a new learning experiences.

For the oncoming future I can not foresee,
but to have a best plan I should,
that needs to be prepared,
not only for the glory of myself,
but to the glory of GOD first…
and to be a blessing for others also.

Follow Thee To The Eternity

Desperation is overrated while obedience is underrated, the trait of me…

to be exasperated is not why I follow THEE.

But to have faith in HIM, I must endure what pain that comes to me,

for following HIM is not an easy way out of all earthly miseries.

I am chosen not to sulk or be enraged,

but to experience joy in HIM,

which include happiness and sorrow, learning to be like THEE.

Having to be like Christ is the right path for chosen ones,

to follow THEE unto Eternity.


Forever singularity is not of my status,
but Thy presence alone is whole in my existence.

For Thee have been bonding my mind, heart and soul in unified form all along.

My life is solely designed in Thy harmonious way,
hence no other purpose can form my life again.

In One Unity of Trinity, I have my destiny
thus I can not live and die…
out of the grace and mercy of THE LORD.