6 Tips for Complaining

  1. Photograph the problem, then whip out the pictures as proof of, say, a less than relaxing hotel room.
  2. Ask the manager to come out from behind the counter for a private chat. He may appreciate your discretion and remedy the problem quickly.
  3. State the  facts,without hyperbole, and their “unhappy effect” on you and your family. When the manager asks you how he can address the problem, calmly start reciting the list again. You may get more satisfaction than you imagined.
  4. The longer you stay on the phone with customer service reps, the harder they may try to satisfy you and get you off the line so they can make their hourly quotas.
  5. Ask the company rep, “What would you do if you were in my shoes?”
  6. Write a letter, be sure to use the word fraud, and send it registered mail for dramatic effect.
Source: Tips from readers in "The Haggler," by David Segal, New York Times.

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